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Vendor Selection 101: A Guide to Selecting Your Dream Team

Choosing vendors can be a complex process. From capturing cherished moments to crafting culinary delights and creating a stunning ambiance, each vendor plays an essential role in shaping your special day.

Wedding planning often kicks off in earnest right here at Vista 222, because booking your venue is a key decision and informs all your choices as you move forward. We're often asked, "How do we choose the right vendors for the wedding?


Our best advice? The selection process will be easier if you consider your own perspective first, and then find the vendors who match your vision.

Download our printable vendor meeting notes worksheet for your vendor conversations.

Vendor Meeting Notes
Download PDF • 2.05MB

Consider these ideas when searching for your vendors:


Understanding Your Needs: Before reaching out to vendors, take the time to understand your vision and needs. Consider the atmosphere you want to create, your budget, and your specific preferences for each aspect of your wedding day.


Questions to Ask Yourself:

  • What is my vision for my wedding day?

  • What are the must-have elements for my dream wedding?

  • How flexible am I with certain aspects of the wedding?

  • What is my budget range for each vendor category?

Questions to Ask the Vendor:

  • What services/packages do you offer, and how can they be customized to fit my needs?

  • Can you provide examples of past weddings you've worked on that align with my vision?

  • How do you handle last-minute changes or requests?


Researching Potential Vendors: Explore various sources to find potential vendors, including bridal expos, online directories, and recommendations from friends and family. Check out reviews, portfolios, and testimonials.


Questions to Ask Yourself:

  • Where can I find potential vendors for my wedding?

  • What criteria am I using to evaluate potential vendors?

  • What do reviews and testimonials say about each vendor?


Questions to Ask the Vendor:

  • Can you provide references or testimonials from past clients?

  • Do you have a portfolio or examples of past weddings you've worked on?

  • How far in advance do you typically book for weddings?


Setting Your Budget: Allocate your budget wisely among different vendors, prioritizing areas that are most important to you. Decide where you're willing to splurge and where you can cut costs without compromising on quality.


Questions to Ask Yourself:

  • What is my overall wedding budget?

  • How much am I willing to allocate to each vendor category?

  • What are my top priorities when it comes to spending on vendors?

  • Are there any areas where I can save money without sacrificing quality?


Questions to Ask the Vendor:

  • What are your pricing/packages, and what is included?

  • Are there any additional fees I should be aware of?

  • Do you offer any flexibility with pricing or packages?


Communicating Your Vision: Clear communication is key to ensuring your vendors understand your vision and preferences. Take the time to articulate your ideas and expectations, and don't hesitate to ask questions or seek clarification.


Questions to Ask Yourself:

  • Have I clearly articulated my vision for the wedding to each vendor?

  • How do I prefer communicating with vendors (email, phone, in-person)?

  • Am I open to vendor suggestions and ideas, or do I have specific preferences?


Questions to Ask the Vendor:

  • How do you prefer to communicate with clients throughout the planning process?

  • Can you provide examples of how you've brought clients' visions to life in the past?

  • How do you handle feedback or changes to the initial plan?


Reviewing Contracts: Thoroughly review vendor contracts before signing to avoid any misunderstandings or surprises later on. Pay close attention to cancellation policies, payment schedules, and the scope of services included.


Questions to Ask Yourself:

  • Have I thoroughly read and understood each vendor contract?

  • Are there any clauses or terms that I'm unsure about?


Questions to Ask the Vendor:

  • Can you explain any clauses or terms in the contract that are unclear to me?

  • What is your cancellation policy?

  • Are there any specific requirements or obligations outlined in the contract I should be aware of?


Coordination and Collaboration: Choose vendors who can work together to bring your vision to life. Facilitate vendor communication to be sure everyone is on the same page throughout the planning process.


Questions to Ask Yourself:

  • Do I have a preference for vendors who have worked together before?

  • Am I willing to facilitate communication between vendors if necessary?

  • How involved do I want to be in coordinating the logistics between vendors?


Questions to Ask the Vendor:

  • How do you typically coordinate with other vendors on the wedding day?

  • Have you worked with any of my other chosen vendors before?

  • What is your approach to shared problem-solving during an event?


Flexibility and Adaptability: Be prepared for unexpected changes and choose vendors who can adapt to any situation with grace and professionalism. Flexibility is key to ensuring your wedding day runs smoothly, no matter what challenges arise.


Questions to Ask Yourself:

  • Am I comfortable with vendors making decisions on the fly if needed?

  • Are there any specific scenarios where I anticipate needing flexibility from vendors?


Questions to Ask the Vendor:

  • What is your policy for accommodating last-minute requests or changes?

  • How do you ensure you can adapt to changes without compromising quality or service?

  • Can you walk me through a time you had to adapt quickly during an event?


Personalization and Customization: Infuse your wedding with personal touches that reflect your unique love story. Choose vendors who can accommodate your specific requests and help you create a wedding day that feels authentically you.


Questions to Ask Yourself:

  • How important is it to me that my wedding includes personal touches?

  • Do I have specific ideas or requests for customizing certain aspects of the wedding?

  • Am I open to suggestions from vendors for personalization opportunities?


Questions to Ask the Vendor:

  • Can you provide examples of how you've personalized weddings in the past?

  • Are there any limitations or restrictions to what can be customized?

  • Do you have any recommendations for personalized touches that would enhance my wedding?


Trusting Your Instincts: Listen to your instincts when selecting vendors and trust your gut feeling. Choose vendors you feel comfortable and confident with, knowing they'll go above and beyond to make your wedding day magical.


Questions to Ask Yourself:

  • Do I feel comfortable and confident with this vendor?

  • Have they demonstrated professionalism and reliability during our interactions?

  • Am I excited about working with them on my wedding day?

  • Do I trust their expertise and judgment?


Questions to Ask the Vendor:

  • Can you provide references from past clients who were satisfied with your services?

  • How do you ensure communication and transparency throughout the planning process?

  • What sets you apart from other vendors in your field?


Finalizing Decisions: Once you've made your vendor selections, finalize your decisions by signing contracts and making deposits. Use a checklist to ensure nothing is overlooked, and rest assured that you've chosen the best vendors to bring your dream vineyard wedding to life.


Questions to Ask Yourself:

  • Have I thoroughly reviewed all the information and proposals from each vendor?

  • Am I confident in my decisions, or do I need more time to consider my options?

  • Have I communicated my final decisions and expectations clearly to each vendor?

  • Do I have a plan in place for signing contracts and making deposits?


Questions to Ask the Vendor:

  • Can we review the final details of our agreement before signing the contract?

  • What is the next step in the process after I confirm my decision to work with you?

  • Are there any additional documents or information I need to provide before we move forward?

  • Can you provide a timeline for when deposits are due and when we need to finalize the details of our agreement?


Your vendor team plays a critical role in the success of your event, so choose wisely. With thorough research and clear communication, the team will ensure that every detail is in place and every transition feels effortless, leaving you free to enjoy the magic of your very special day! Vista 222 also offers Wedding Coordinator services to help simplify the process. Get details about coordinator services. 



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